is gone, long live new convert2mp3!!

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According to respectable sources – The TorrentFreak free speech portal – famous online video converter site has been shut down following a German court decision. There;s technical talk about how this website has been using their own tools and algorithms to circumvent protection on videos and convert them to mp3 against the will of video uploaders. We here at have been using for years, it was an amazing tool to download club and festival recordings from youtube and convert them to mp3, some of them hitting high popularity.

Like Black Coffee mix in January for Circle, it has been downloaded from youtube, they post those long 1-2-3hrs videos from the events they do. And we are always there to download them. Lots of stuff from Winter music converence or Amsterdam dance event has been broadcast on youtube, and there we were to download it and convert2mp3 later.

So here comes convert2mp3 new version

So I’ve gone out looking for new site to do the work, and instantly saw new version of the site – it works exactly as the old worked before, only this time it’s using tools from other sites and APIs to convert video to mp3 and download it as mp4. It still has youtube search and works for youtube videos like a charm. Here’s how it looks like for me after engaging all of its functionalities: english version in progress

There’s not much room, so I crapped out the browser and all, no need to see what bookmarks I have. But check it out, new club version has 2hr limit on video conversion, it offers multiple download options and sound quality, and it is amazingly super fast. Check it out, you will love it. I know I love it already.

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