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Hello everybody, hopefully you’ve been enjoying the site under new management, which means no more notifications and only good times with music and audio and new dance sounds. And so I would like to talk to you about the times when you need to download a video from facebook, your granny shared something, right? Or maybe that kjenner new video is sooo cute and sexy, it needs to be saved to your phone. Right? It happens, I know, it happened to me. I just needed to get that sweet video saved to my phone, it was a long one, maybe 2hr long concert recording I couldn’t attend. But it was broadcast on Facebook, and so I was facing the question: how to download videos from Facebook?

After looking around I came across Keepvid. It’s a nice little site that can help download not only Facebook video that I needed, but also turn youtube into an unlimited source of free music.. I were able to download 2hr Facebook video in under 2 minutes, and thanks to Keepvid it was properly saved as mp4 with sound and everything. Amazing! They give direct and their own link. So when I tried to download that video directly from Facebook, it was slooooow. But then somehow Keepvid was able to download it really fast, I don’t even know how that is possible. But let’s look at the most impressive Keepvid’s feature – downloads from youtube.

How Keepvid looks with Youtube Search

Here’s one good screenshot I made, it shows very nicely how Keepvid does youtube search directly from their search box. That’s super awesome. You get 12 results, it has suggestive auto-complete, so finding a dozen videos by ariana grande had me type 1 letter A and select suggested Ariana Grande and voila! Well, these results are for Ashley O, which was also there in autocomplete, just a few below Ariana.. with youtube search results with youtube search results

Keepvid with video download results

And here’s me clicking on one of the videos and seeing all these possibilities.. WOW! Thanks, Keepvid!! I was able to download a few songs, convert them to mp3.. Was amazing. video download page example video download page example

I recommend now to everyone. TRY KEEPVID!! 🤣🤣🤣 SO now you see how this could mean unlimited music from Youtube, right? Get on it, download youtube videos and be merry!

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