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Hi. I’ve been really into reddit for a while now. Reddit offers tons of video materials, people reacting to things and all, and then there are videos of people doing stupid things, lots of pornographic stuff, as it is no surprise of course…. It;s quite fun, if you ask me, watching others do stupid stuff, all those youtube challenges, but done on reddit. Heh..

Sometimes you’d like to get that video, and maybe reshare it in a different subreddit, which isn’t really liked, you should just repost the original post.. But what if you want to show this video to friends on a different site, or maybe some social network? It is a reality to download reddit videos with audio, and here’s how:

How to download reddit videos

  1. Find the video on reddit you’re wanting to download, this is the crucial step, process will not work without a video
  2. Now copy video post link. It’s easy to do so by hitting the Share button on reddit video. Depending on your device, you can either copy video link from the little window that opens with CTRL+A and CTRL+C keys press combinations, or you can use the Copy Link menu option in the standard mobile share screen. Both actions will neatly place video post URL address link into your device’s clipboard.
  3. Now open – the greatest reddit video downloader online. See the white box? Paste video link in there. Again, on desktop you can hit in the white box, then Right-Click and select Paste, or just press CTRL+V. For mobile, hit and hold your finger in the white box (sometimes it takes two taps: one to focus in the box, and one tap-and-hold to open the menu) until the little menu pops up, tap the Paste icon.

    download reddit videos frontpage
    download reddit videos frontpage
  4. Now hit sumit button on the right and wait a moment. New page opens up with several download options. For video with audio, simply hit the big red button. Download starts almost instantly.

    download reddit videos
    download reddit videos
  5. That;s all. You can also now download video without audio, audio without any video (still packed as mp4 video file), video thumbnail and also convert reddit video to mp3.


You can see all the 5 options to download here. Also please keep in mind, to download video hit the red button, download audio – hit green and wait for the mp3, it will be auto-downloaded as soon as it’s extracted converted from the video. That’s all for now, hope you enjoy using! Happy downloading!


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