James Grant – The Anjunadeep Edition 247 (4 Hour Extended Mix) – 11-Apr-2019

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1. Voyage ‘Dynamic’ (Silent Audio)
2. HVOB ‘Shnichi’
3. Methodub ‘Terra’ (suite beats)
4. Reznik ‘Scuhu’s Groove’ (Keinemusik)
5. Kasper Woman ‘First Move’
6. ID ‘ID’
7. Lane 8 ‘Feld’ (Ryan Davis Remix) (Anjunadeep)
8. Enamour ‘Kenosis’ (This Never Happened)
9. Moon Boots ‘Keramas’ (Anjunadeep)
10. Sunrom ‘Superfly’ (The Bricks)
11. Karol XVII & MB Valence ‘Aqua’ (Jackspeare Original Interpretation) (Get Physical)
12. Bona Fide & M.O.S. ‘Volga’
13. Volen Sentir ‘Kai’ (Shanti Moscow Radio)
14. Tom Demac ‘Serenade’ (Kompakt)
15. Boxer ‘Blue Planet’ (Anjunadeep)
16. Sunrom ‘Pray’ (The Bricks)
17. ID ‘ID’
18. Luttrell ‘Into Clouds’ (Lauer Remix) (Anjunadeep)
19. Jozef K ‘Inward Spiral’ (Anjunadeep)
20. Ben Böhmer & Fritz Kalkbrenner ‘Rye’ (Anjunadeep)
21. Giegling ‘Shadow’
22. Iain Howie ‘Living & Dying’ (Joseph Ashworth Remix)
23. Genius Of Time ‘Rymd01’ (Running Back)
24. 16BL ‘Far and Wide’ (Anjunadeep)
25. Nuage ‘Distance’ (Anjunadeep)
26. Rampa ‘For This’ (Keinemusik)
27. Jerro ‘The Fool’
28. Applescal ‘Saints’ (Atomnation)
29. Janeret ‘Abyss’
30. ID ‘ID’
31. Fort Romeau ‘Eye Of Re’ (Permanent Vacation)
32. Volen Sentir ‘Libra’
33. ID ‘ID’
34. CRi ‘Hidden Places’ (Anjunadeep)
35. Rone ‘Mirapolis’ (Laurent Garnier Remix) (fabric Worldwide)
36. Genius Of Time ‘Peace Bird’ (Running Back)
37. Sandboards ‘Nights Over Taieri’ (Rinse)
38. Catching Flies ‘Satisfied’ (Indigo Soul)
39. Durante ‘Maia’ (OPENERS)
40. Matias Vila ‘Ahora’ (Eran Aviner & Hermanez Remix) (Sound Avenue)
41. Magdalena, Lily AZ, Tom Peters ‘I Think About You All The Time’ (Club Version) (Anjunadeep)
42. Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May ‘In My Last Life’ (ID Remix)
43. Essay ‘Ocarina’ (Dominik Eulberg Remix) (Glyph)
44. Luttrell ‘Windowscene’ (ID Remix)
45. Lauer ‘Nirost’ (Running Back)
46. BAILE ‘Bind’ (Anjunadeep)
47. Ronfoller ‘Along’ (Anjunadeep)
48. Fort Romeau ‘Heaven Earth’ (Permanent Vacation)
49. Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq ‘Babel’ (Replug)
50. Tom Middleton ‘WYV AUW CHU’ (Anjunadeep)
51. Oona Dahl & Giddyhead ‘Astral Realm’
52. Oona Dahl & Giddyhead ‘Astral Realm’ (Ritual Mix)

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