James Grant – The Anjunadeep Edition 345 – 15-Apr-2021

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find more articles about James Grant, first, here are the sets discussed in the article below:

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before you get the set, you can preview it (without even leaving this page):

1. Dotmaka ‘Kiss’ (Anjunadeep)
2. Marsh ‘Florence ‘ (Anjunadeep)
3. Nōpi ‘Voyager Sur Les Vagues’ (Anjunadeep)
4. SQL ‘Lagom’ (Anjunadeep)
5. CRi feat. Jesse Mac Cormack ‘Never Really Get There ‘(Anjunadeep)
6. Lycoriscoris ‘Shirabe’ (Anjunadeep)
7. Braxton ‘Wilderness’ (Anjunadeep)
8. Michael Cassette ‘Crockett’s Theme ‘ (Anjunadeep)
9. Ben Böhmer & Tinlicker feat. Felix Raphael ‘Run Away’ (Anjunadeep)
10. M.O.S. ‘Paeonia’ (Anjunadeep)
11. Nordfold ‘First’ (Anjunadeep)
12. Just Her ‘Breathe Out’ (Anjunadeep)
13. Marsh ‘There For Me ‘ (Anjunadeep)
14. Modd & Ventt ‘Dolina Vetrov’ (Anjunadeep)
15. My Friend ‘True Romance’ (Anjunadeep)
16. Durante & HANA ‘Celestia’ (Anjunadeep)
17. Bantwanas ‘Dingane’ (Anjunadeep)
18. Braxton ‘Sakura’ (Anjunadeep)
19. Marsh feat. Leo Wood ‘My Stripes ‘ (Anjunadeep)
20. Nōpi ‘Gotcha’ (Anjunadeep)
21. Marsh ‘Beech Street ‘ (Anjunadeep)
22. My Friend ‘Heyoka’ (Anjunadeep)
23. Luttrell feat. Delta Underground ‘Just A Dream’ (Anjunadeep)
24. Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor ‘Kush’ (Anjunadeep)
25. Monkey Safari ‘Free’ (Anjunadeep)
26. Luttrell ‘October Song’ (Anjunadeep)

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