VAO – Speedway – 01-Oct-2021

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2. Kenan Savrun – Karmi (Original Mix)
3. Agustin Pietrocola – Enough (Original Mix)
4. Alejo Gonzalez & Barklas – Freak Out (Julian Nates Remix)
5. Monostone & Alfonso G – Fancy (Original Mix)
6. LampĂ© – Sunset Avenue (Bongani Remix)
7. Monostone & Alfonso G – Rounds (Original Mix)
8. Kareem Zadd – Tell Me Something (Original Mix)
9. ALPHA21 & Enzo Vood – Movement Of Whales (Original Mix)
10. Ritchie Haydn & Medusa – Caught Up (Arnaud Cordova & Julian Liander Remix)

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