Hypnotised – Control Room Ep 08 on TM Radio – 09-Jul-2021

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1) ORANGE JD – Paranoia
2) Brunski – Atlantis (Ornery Remix)
3) Noidor – Cropp
4) Anton Borin (RU) – Trip M (Mental Order & Tim Othy Remix)
5) Ginelio – Miles Apart
6) Monolink – Father Ocean (Teleport-X Unnoficial Remix)
7) Sunburstz – Purge (JFR Remix)
8) Sinan Arsan – Saye
9) Jab Vix – Can Hear U

Mixes included in this post:

Hypnotised – Control Room Ep 08 on TM Radio – 09-Jul-2021.mp3

This liveset can be found here: zippysharezippysharesendspace; and if nothing else works, try the ⇓ torrent

we also have preview(s) for the sets in this post. check em out! or preview on Soundcloud and/or Mixcloud…

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